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MSP Nice- our customer service training program

MSP Nice logoMSP Nice (our customer service program) includes the following 5 customer service standards:

Assure Safety and Security  -- Our 1st Priority

  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • “See something –Say something.” Report suspicious activities and unattended bags by calling 911.
  • Know, understand and abide by the rules of the MSP Badge.

Employ the Circle of Assistance

  • Be on the lookout for customers who look like they need assistance.
  • Be proactive and approach these customers.
  • Your badge and/or uniform signal to others they can rely on you for help. Say, “How may I help you? I work here.”

Promote Teamwork

  • Work across airport organizations to help our common customer.
  • Treat everyone you interact with as a valued customer including co-workers and airport partners.

Embrace “Going Your Way”

  • Go out of your way to help customers on their way.
  • When requested, direct customers toward their destination or another resource, like an information booth or an airport assistance phone. When possible, walk them there.

Be “MSP Nice”

  • Smile and greet each customer.
  • Be approachable and take initiative.
  • Patiently listen.
  • Know our airport; its layout and amenities.
  • Add a pleasant closing and help the customer on their way.

MSP Nice trainings 

MSP Nice was launched in 2012 as a customer service training program available to all Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) employees. Within a year the program had grown beyond the resources for in-classroom training, and in 2014 MSP Nice was moved to the e-learning program, myMSPclassroom. 

Today, prior to receiving or renewing a SIDA badge, MSP employees are required to take MSP Nice e-learning offered at the Badging Office Learn Center.  

All Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) employees are required to take MSP Nice training annually through the myMSPclassroom website.

MSP Nice video

The MSP Nice Customer Service Training Video, below, was produced by MSP's Customer Service Action Council and stars MSP Airport employees!