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PGA MSP to host winter golf league for airport employees

PGA MSP Airport is offering a little friendly competition for MSP employees.

The golf facility, located on the mezzanine level of Terminal 1-Lindbergh's Airport Mall, is hosting a six week recreational winter golf league for all airline, airport and airport business employees.

Teams of four will compete each week by playing nine holes on a dedicated course via PGA's simulator. You can create your own team, or if you sign up individually, PGA MSP will assign you to a team. Teams can be co-ed, or all male or female.

The league will begin on Monday, Jan. 1. League play will follow for the next six weeks. Teams that advance to the play-offs will continue to compete for an additional two weeks. Winners will receive free simulator time with prizes based on final participation.

To register, fill out this form and either drop it off at the shop or email it to rrindels@wexfordgolf.comRegistrations are due by Friday, Dec. 29. Call 612-361-8960 if you have questions or need additional information.