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Travelers Assistance

Travelers Assistance, a program of the non-profit organization Airport Foundation MSP, is one of the airport's most visible resources for travelers and airport visitors. Information booths, located strategically throughout Terminal 1-Lindbergh are staffed by hundreds of volunteers dedicated to providing quality information and services to thousands of travelers every day. One million are served annually.

In addition to providing airport, airline and tourism information, Travelers Assistance offers:

  • American Sign Language interpreting services
  • interpreter services for international travelers
  • special help for individuals who are elderly or disabled
  • a comfortable waiting area for people with special needs
  • infant supplies in times of emergency
  • oxygen delivery services within the airport.

The central office is located near the entrance to Concourse D at the Lindbergh Terminal and is open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Holiday hours vary.

Phone: 612-726-5500
Fax: 612-726-5236