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Mobility resources


The airlines provide wheelchairs for use throughout both terminals. Customers should request a wheelchair when they make their flight reservation. Most airlines have information about wheelchair access and other services on their websites or through their reservations systems.

If customers arrive at the airport without making arrangements for a wheelchair they should ask an airline representative for assistance when they arrive.

Once through security, Travelers Assistance volunteers are also available to assist with obtaining a wheelchair. Customers can visit an information booth or call 612-726-5500.

Electric carts

Electric carts are available to customers past security at Terminal 1-Lindbergh, on concourses C through G and in the Airport Mall to transport those with physical disabilities or limitations.

Two companies at MSP provide this service: Delta Air Lines contracts with G2 Secure Staff, while all other airlines contract with Primeflight Aviation Services.

A "cart stop" system has been implemented to provide the most efficient electric cart service to the traveling public. Cart stops are clearly marked with signs above blue chairs imprinted with a wheelchair icon. Electric carts pick up passengers every 10 to 15 minutes. Cart stops can be found directly inside security and at every gate along Concourses C, D, E, F and G.

G2 Secure Staff carts have signs on them indicating which concourses they serve. Carts operated by Primeflight Aviation Services do not display signs because these carts are not assigned to a specific concourse. Customers should ask cart drivers if he/she is headed their way before getting onto a cart.

Electric cart service is not available at Terminal 2-Humphrey.