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Deaf and hard-of-hearing resources

Visual paging

All audio pages that are made from the airport's Information and Paging office are also available in text format on screens located throughout both terminals. At the time a page is made, passengers will see it scrolling across the bottom of both the weather screens, as part of the Flight Information Displays, and across the bottom of the digital baggage claim screens. 

These text format pages can also be seen on history screens at each of the airport's information booths. 

To specifically request a page for someone who is deaf or hard of hearing, call the airport's Information and Paging office at 612-726-5555. Or, if at the airport, dial 201 from any of the Airport Assistance phones located throughout the terminals. Please be prepared to spell the person's first and last name.

Questions about visual paging at MSP can be directed to the Information and Paging office at 612-726-5555 or via e-mail at

Public telephones

All public pay phones at Terminal 1 are hearing aid compatible.

TTY telephones at the Terminal 2 are located outside security on Level 1, near ticketing, and inside security at both ends of the terminal on Level 2. 

Video Relay Interpreting 

MSP Airport offers a web-based interpreting service for patrons whose primary language is American Sign Language (ASL). The service is delivered through a computer outfitted with a built-in camera. The service allows patrons whose primary language is ASL to better communicate with airport assistance staff.

The computer is located at the main Travelers Assistance Office in Terminal 1 near the entrance to Concourse D. The office is open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day with the exception of some holidays.