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Tips for Preventing Crime

At work, do not leave valuables (including laptops & cell phones) unattended in lunch rooms or unlocked lockers. If you have a desk, make sure your purse/wallet is always locked in a drawer if you do not carry it with you.

Here are some other basic reminders in making your vehicle less appealing to a thief!

  • Lock your car whenever you leave it unattended, even if you are parking on your driveway.
  • Do not store or hide extra keys in or on your vehicle. A determined thief will find them.
  • Remove your garage door opener if you are parking in your driveway. Thieves may steal your garage door opener to come back at a later time to burglarize your home.
  • Don’t invite a break-in by leaving valuables in sight. Briefcases, purses, computers, gym bags, GPS’s, and change are all appealing to a thief.
  • Take valuables with you or lock them in your trunk BEFORE you reach your destination.
  • Park in well lit, public areas. Try to avoid secluded areas with little or no lighting.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. If you see any suspicious activities or people, call 911 immediately!

For purchases, do not accept a credit card without a form of ID (everyone in the secure airport has an ID).

Items for sale should not be located at the entrance of the store so that a shoplifter can steal without even entering the store.

Store employees need to be attentive to shoplifters (this includes airport and airline employees).

A simple security camera system can be purchased for very reasonable prices.

  • A DVR system (no changing of tapes) with a DVD recorder to offload is the best practical option.

The legal age to purchase alcohol is 21, the legal age to purchase tobacco is 18. ID anyone who appears under the age of 30.

  • All $50 & $100 bills should be checked with a marker.

For more information, see the National Crime Prevention Counsel website at