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New pet relief area at Terminal 1-Lindbergh

In a further effort to make MSP more accessible to all travelers, the Metropolitan Airports Commission has opened a pet relief room inside the secure area of Terminal 1-Lindbergh. This new indoor pet relief area is located adjacent to the entrance to the E Concourse, next to the stairs (LT-2354). The room is recognizable by the dog pictogram on the door.

To gain access to the room, customers must visit the Information Booth located at the north end of Airport Mall, near SugarPop, and request a key from a Travelers Assistance (TA) volunteer. Once the customer has finished using the room, TA will contact ABM to clean the room. Much like the Nursing Mothers Room, the Pet Relief Room will only be available when the Information Booth is staffed, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day, except some holidays.