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Changes coming to parcel pick-up and delivery at MSP Airport

Starting Monday, Nov. 18, Bradford Airport Logistics is taking over pick-up and delivery of parcels from all service carriers -- including FedEx and UPS -- at MSP International Airport’s Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The change is being made to enhance security and affects all tenants in the terminals including food, beverage and retail concessions, and other tenants that receive parcels in the terminals. Note that this change does not include U.S. mail.

Starting on the 18th, Bradford will scan parcels at the airport’s new Consolidated Receiving and Distribution Center located away from the terminals, where parcels will be dropped off or collected by UPS, FedEx, FedEx Express and Speedy Delivery Service.

How to ship out a parcel

Option #1: Bradford will collect all out-bound parcels in both terminals, including UPS and FedEx packages, during its normal deliveries to your business in the airport.

Option #2: Drop outbound parcels at new, secure drop boxes, which will be located:

  • At Terminal 1, on the mezzanine level (also known as level 3) of the mall above Starbucks and Chili’s, directly across from the freight elevators.
  • At Terminal 1 on Concourse C next to Twins Grill; the drop box is behind the swinging doors immediately to the left of Twins Grill.
  • At Terminal 2’s loading dock, located on the terminal’s south end, behind Gate H1.

There will be two pick-ups per day of outbound parcels from the drop boxes; 10 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Note that FedEx Ground does not make weekend pickups. Parcels handed to Bradford on Friday after 2:30 p.m. through Sunday will not be handed off to the carrier until 10 a.m. Monday.

A pickup from FedEx may be available Saturday for an additional fee and at a location yet to be determined. Bradford will have additional information.

Option #3: You can use Bradford’s online system to schedule a parcel pick-up at your businesses’ location, but it must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.

Bradford will first need to create a profile for your business in their system. To establish a profile, please forward contact information including name, company, office number and contact phone number to Bradford will send you information about your new account. The typical turnaround time to set up a new account is one day.

Option #4: Airport tenants can also bring out-bound parcels directly to the Consolidated Receiving and Distribution Center at 2631 Cargo Rd., Mpls. MN 55450, located on the west side of MSP’s airfield. Outbound parcels must be at the facility before 4 p.m. daily for the hand-off to carriers.


With the new Bradford service, addresses on parcels coming into the airport will continue to be vitally important.

Please ensure that incoming packages have a full address, including a room or suite number. For example:

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
Sunglass Hut
Terminal 1
4300 Glumack Dr., Suite LT-2137
St. Paul MN 55111

The address labels must include:

After the street address, and before the city and zip code, a room or suite number within the terminal – for example, LT-3019 in Terminal 1, or HT-3232 in Terminal 2. These rooms numbers are found above the doors in each terminal.

The addresses for the terminals: Starting with “Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport,” the addresses are: Terminal 1, 4300 Glumack Dr. (room or suite number) St. Paul MN 55111.

Terminal 2, 7150 Humphrey Dr. (room or suite number) Mpls. MN 55450.

The room or suite number is key, as many businesses have individuals working in different locations around the airport. Please provide updated address information to your business partners so that incoming parcels get to the proper location. This change does not apply to non-terminal buildings on the MSP campus or missed-baggage pick-up services offered by various providers. 

If you have other questions, please contact Bradford Airport Logistics at 612-713-7457 or