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Security screening reductions at MSP Airport

MSP Airport (MSP) employees coming to work at Terminal 1 should note that the Employee Portal is now open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day. During the evening hours, employees can go to the TSA North Security Checkpoint for screening.

The screening hours at the Employee Portal were recently reduced due the decrease in passenger traffic at MSP from the coronavirus pandemic.

The South Security Checkpoint, Skyway Security Checkpoint #10 (located on the Concourse C/G Connector Bridge), and the checkpoint that served the InterContinental Hotel MSP Airport, have also recently closed for the foreseeable future.

So when the Employee Portal is closed during the evening hours, employees should go to the North Security Checkpoint for screening and should familiarize themselves with TSA screening standards, which includes the restriction of liquids/gels and aerosols.

MSP-badged contractors with tools of the trade will be processed by TSA during the overnight hours without interruption.

AOA (Airport Operations Area) Security Gate 101 is also closed for the foreseeable future but the exit gate will remain operational. (Employees can access the AOA through Security Gate 222 located off of 34th Avenue near Fire Station #1 or through AOA Security Gate 269 located just off of 24th Avenue and 77th street near the MAC Drivers Training Center.)