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5 Things We Love About MSP…

Snoopy with a mask​MSP Airport (MSP) was recently featured in well-known airport blogger Harriet Baskas' "5 Things We Love About…" series.

Baskas is the author of "Stuck at the Airport" who has written about airports and their unique amenities for 20 years for many other outlets, including Expedia, USA Today, CNBC, NBC, and the Runway Girl Network.

At the top of her 5 Things list were "award-winning restrooms at MSP."

"Clean bathrooms are an important airport amenity. Add art and an airport's bathrooms can become something people talk about and give awards to," wrote Baskas. "That's what happened when several sets of MSP restrooms were remodeled to feature stunning artist-made mosaics and the latest in cleaning technology."

MSP's arts program (including the MSP Creates art show featuring works by employees and their families) also made the list, along with the Prince store and the popular Animal Ambassador Program.

Two new MSP highlights were also featured: Minnesota's tallest escalator in the recently completed Silver Ramp and Story Hour where local authors read from their books.

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