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MSP wins award for having the best airport employee recognition program in 2022

MSP Airport (MSP) was recently recognized by Airports Council International­–North America for operating an innovative and effective employee recognition program at MSP.

MSP's Customer Service Action Council (CSAC) brings together the entire airport team – including TSA, airlines, concessionaires, the MAC and other service providers – to analyze our results of polled passengers, review current initiatives and create engaging, personalized recognition programs.

CSAC's popular "MSP Nice" program recognizes any MSP employee who receives a written compliment from a member of the traveling public who demonstrates excellent customer service. The employee is presented with a certificate, recognition pin, and a $25 gift card. Award winners are also invited to an annual MSP Nice Celebration.

CSAC also runs the Airport Customer Service Hero Award, which is presented annually to an employee or volunteer who best exemplifies our customer service standards.  The award includes a trophy, public recognition within MSP Airport and a check for $1,000. The award is open to all employees and volunteers at the MAC's seven airports and is typically awarded to three employees each year.

CSAC was created in 1999 to improve customer service at MSP. It monitors and distributes all consumer feedback received and maintains a 99 percent responsiveness rate to all comments. Through CSAC and tenant meetings, it discusses our customer service results with stakeholders to identify areas for improvement and continually track progress. Resulting initiatives are developed in one of six committees dedicated to customer service at MSP.

The ACI-NA's Best Employee Recognition Program Award "recognizes an airport and a concessionaire, service provider, or single concession unit operator that supports an employee concessions recognition program from a large, medium, or small airport. Award recipients have demonstrated innovative approaches and effectiveness of efforts to recognize employees."