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Updated information about Terminal 1 employee screening move on Tuesday, Oct. 4

When Terminal 1's central employee security portal moves south on Oct. 4, beverages up to 32 ounces will be allowed through


We have some updated information related to the move of the center employee security portal on Terminal 1's ticketing level to the south security checkpoint.

The move will still take place on Tuesday, Oct. 4. That morning, all airport employees who use the center portal will move to the new employee lane in the TSA's south security checkpoint.

A key change from our previous communication is that airport employees will be able to bring a beverage up to 32 ounces in size through the TSA security checkpoints. This will hold true for the employee lanes at both the north and south TSA checkpoints. The TSA is facilitating this change, allowing employees to bring in a beverage with their lunch.

At the south checkpoint, airport employees will be subject to random, unpredictable screening, in accordance with TSA policy.

The 32-ounce beverage allowance will be available for employees at the Terminal 1 checkpoints at the following times:

  • South checkpoint: At the employee lane only, 4 a.m. until 8 p.m.
  • North checkpoint: At lane 10 only (employee lane), which will be dedicated for employees during these specific hours: 8 p.m. to 4 a.m.; 5:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.; and 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Outside of these hours, the beverage limit will be 3.4 ounces.

Employees passing through the north security checkpoint can use any lane, but only the employee lane during those set hours will allow a beverage container up to 32 ounces in size.

Rules regarding other prohibited items are still in place, and any prohibited items found will be referred to the Airport Police Department.

Other details related to the new employee portal at the south security checkpoint:

  • In the employee lane only, you can leave your laptop computer in your bag as you go through the security screening process. The situation is the same at the north checkpoint.
  • The current escort procedure used in the center portal will no longer be available. The TSA does not allow un-badged individuals to be escorted through the TSA security checkpoints. Concourse passes (or gate passes for airline guests) will now be required for all guest access to the secure side of the terminal. If the un-badged individual needs access beyond passenger areas of the terminals, a badge holder with an "E" escort symbol on their badge may escort the individual by following MSP security procedures.

    Only pre-authorized representatives from each company have the authority to request a concourse pass. Authorized representatives can email to request a pass. The email must include each visitor's full legal name, date of birth and gender, as well as the day and approximate time that the guest will pick up the concourse pass at the tram level information desk at Terminal 1. Your guest will need a government-issued ID to receive the concourse pass from staff at the information desk. 

    A 24-hour notice is appreciated for a concourse pass, though last-minute requests can be facilitated. In that instance, guests may encounter a short wait at the information desk

    Please visit this website for full information on concourse passes.

  • Shoes and boots
    Employees will be required to remove their shoes if they set off the screening device. The sensitivity of the TSA screening devices is similar to those used in the center portal.
  • Tools of the trade
    Airport employees bringing tools of the trade through a security checkpoint can use either the north or south TSA checkpoints. Over-sized items, such as machinery or a lift, will go through a portal located in the middle of the ticketing lobby near the current employee portal, when it is completed in 2023. Until that time, large equipment that cannot fit through the cart entrance at the south security checkpoint will need to be brought in through the sterile area (airfield) into the terminal.

Please note that no changes are currently planned for the employee portal at Terminal 2.

Thank you for your patience as we work with the TSA to implement these changes to employee checkpoints and provide enhanced security.