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Fraud, Waste and Abuse Reporting Hotline

Stop sign that reads Stop Fraud Waste and AbuseThank you for your interest in learning more about how you can report possible fraud, waste or abuse of Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) resources.

The MAC is the governing body that owns and operates MSP Airport.

As an employee at MSP you may be witness, at times, to possible wrongdoing that affects the MAC's revenues or reputation.

While the MAC has a variety of ways to help reduce fraud, waste and abuse of its resources, the most effective way is through people like you who are compelled to report what you know.

Below are two methods you can use to anonymously report what you've seen or experienced without having to be concerned about retribution.

1. Fill out an online form at

2. Call 1-833-609-5081

Examples of fraud, waste or abuse include any actions - for either personal or corporate gain - that might defraud the MAC of revenues it is owed or resources it owns, such as:

  • Stealing materials 
  • Overbilling schemes
  • Underreporting revenues
  • Bribery 
  • Kickbacks

You know it when you see it. Trust your instincts and report your concerns.