Authorized Signers

Authorized Signers

All companies operating at MSP are required to have two Authorized Signers in possession of an airport security badge. The individuals selected to serve in this role will be the point of contact for your company, serving as a liaison between the Airport Police Department, Badging Office and your organization. They will be responsible to follow TSA regulations and MAC Ordinances to avoid any penalties or fines. 

The selected Authorized Signers must complete and submit the MSP Authorized Signer Agreement in order to register for Signer Training. All Signers are required to be fingerprinted as well as attend Authorized Signer Training, SIDA Training and obtain an airport security badge before signing badge applications for other employees.

Some of the responsibilities for an Authorized Signer include: 

  • Deactivating badges when appropriate to comply with TSA regulations and MAC Ordinances, avoiding penalties and fines
  • Collecting badges from former employees who are no longer working for your company, avoiding non-returned badge fees
  • Responding to badge audits, both comprehensive and random
  • Receiving clearance notifications for employees who have applied for a security badge
  • Maintaining employee records, updating employees addresses as needed

See the Authorized Signer Training Schedule for class choices. To register, email OR call 612-877-6439 (option 3). A confirmation with training day details will be sent to your email address.

Additional information for new and returning companies can be found under the Company Onboarding Process. 

MSP Authorized Signer Portal and Online Applications

For Badge Holder and applicant information, please visit the MSP Signer Portal. Access to the portal is reserved for Authorized Signers.

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Signer Bulletins

All authorized signers receive signer bulletins via email. If you are not receiving signer bulletins, please contact the Badging Office at

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have three options for returning your badge:1. Turn your badge into your supervisor or company’s human resources representative. 2. Drop it off yourself at the Badging Office or in the 24-hour drop box outside of the Badging Office. Fill out the envelope provided at the box, swipe the badge on the reader, and drop the badge in the box. Please use a separate envelope for each badge. 3. Mail it to the Badging Office at the address below. This address is also located on the back of your badge:Airport Police DepartmentMSP International Airport4300 Glumack Drive, LT – 3255St. Paul MN 55111

Badges must be deactivated immediately upon job separation (including terminations, retirements, and resignations). Badges must be returned to the Badging Office within 10 days of employee termination, retirement, resignation, or expiration, or the company will be charged a $200 non-return badge fee.

You must go get your badge. If you are a badge holder, you must have your badge to access your secured work area. No passes or escort privileges are extended to badge holders who forget their badge.

No, your company is responsible for notifying you of fingerprint clearance. All signers can view clearance information on the portal.

The Badging Office offers badge pickups Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., for applicants that do not need to attend SIDA class. It is first-come, first-served. Check in at the front desk.

SIDA class is an online-based program offered on a on a first-come, first-served basis Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Employees arriving at 1:30 p.m. or after will not be admitted. You do not need to register. The learn center is located around the left corner of the front desk. Take a seat and follow the instruction sheet provided at each workstation. You cannot take SIDA training until you have cleared the background check process; contact the Primary Signer from your company if you are unsure.

All attendees must present a government-issued photo identification in order to take the class. If you're upgrading your badge, check in at the front desk to submit your paperwork before taking the class.

The time frame can vary based on each applicant's situation, but clearance typically takes three to seven business days (MAC-observed holidays not included). Applicants who were born outside of the U.S. or who have a criminal history may take longer to clear.

You will need a new badge application, completed with your Authorized Signer, and an appointment to upgrade your badge. You will also need two forms of ID. At your appointment, you'll submit your new application and IDs to take the SIDA and MSP Nice training courses. After successful completion, you'll receive your new SIDA badge.

You must provide the Badging Office with your new address within 10 days of moving. You can email the new information to Please include your first and last name, birth date, and badge number in the email.

You must come to the Badging Office to update your badge within 10 days of a name change. Two acceptable IDs with the new name must be presented, along with the Badging Application. In addition, we recommend submitting name change documents such as marriage or divorce documents or court documents.

Talk to your authorized signer, who can submit a request through the portal. The Badging Office does not approve, remove or add access. Requesting access does not guarantee that it will be given.

No, you must wait until you obtain your badge. You may not be escorted or obtain a concourse pass while you are in the badging process.

Any time you make a change to your badge, you need to visit the Badging Office with two valid forms of identification and a complete application for each company that you will be working for.

If you are late for your appointment, you may have the option to join the walk-in queue if it is open. Otherwise, you will need to make a new appointment or join the walk-in queue another day.

Instructions are included in the confirmation text you received when the appointment was made. Do not delete the text. You may reply to the text message with a “C” to cancel the appointment.

For applicants who are required to pay for badging services, the Badging Office accepts checks and most major credit cards. We encourage companies to sign up for monthly billing.

The Badging Office is located on Level 3 of the Hub Building at Terminal 1, between the Red and Blue ramps in General Parking. We recommend parking in the Red or Blue ramps on Level 4 or above. (Levels 2 and 3 are generally not available to the public.)