Obtaining and Renewing Your Badge

Obtaining and Renewing Your Badge

Badge holders should renew their badge BEFORE it expires. You have 30 days prior to the expiration date to renew your badge. MSP badges expire at 12 midnight on the date printed on the badge. If you let your badge expire you will have to be re-fingerprinted but in most cases you may be able to walk away with a new badge. 

Badge application and renewal checklist:

  1. Complete the online badge application form. The employee will be sent a link by their employer. 

  2. Present two (2) acceptable forms of ID, along with the MSP Airport Badge Application to be reviewed, signed and submitted by your company's approved Authorized Signer.

  3. Authorized Signer will verify the employee’s MSP Airport Badge Application and both forms of identification presented BEFORE signing and submitting the application.

  4. Join the badging queue/Make an appointment You can join the badging queue from anywhere by texting* mspbadging to 612-294-7739** or by clicking on the button below. Shortly before it’s your turn to be served, you will be sent a text alert to your mobile phone. Make sure to use a phone that you will keep with you because you will be texted* when it's your turn. (You can also join the queue at the badging office by using the kiosk in the lobby.) APPOINTMENTS ARE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED

  5. Go to the MSP Airport Badging Office with completed application, same two IDs presented to your Authorized Signer, and your MSP badge.


*Message and data rates may apply. The call or text may not be from a local area code.

** This number is for texting only; it does not accept direct calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, your company is responsible for notifying you of fingerprint clearance. All signers can view clearance information on the portal.

The time frame can vary based on each applicant's situation, but clearance typically takes three to seven business days (MAC-observed holidays not included). Applicants who were born outside of the U.S. or who have a criminal history may take longer to clear.

You must provide the Badging Office with your new address within 10 days of moving. You can email the new information to badging@mspmac.org. Please include your first and last name, birth date, and badge number in the email.

You must come to the Badging Office to update your badge within 10 days of a name change. Two acceptable IDs with the new name must be presented, along with the Badging Application. In addition, we recommend submitting name change documents such as marriage or divorce documents or court documents.

Talk to your authorized signer, who can submit a request through the portal. The Badging Office does not approve, remove or add access. Requesting access does not guarantee that it will be given.

No, you must wait until you obtain your badge. You may not be escorted or obtain a concourse pass while you are in the badging process.

Any time you make a change to your badge, you need to visit the Badging Office with two valid forms of identification and a complete application for each company that you will be working for.