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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Badging Office staff able to give me my fingerprint clearance?

-no, your company is responsible for notifying you. The Primary Signer receives all clearances for the company via email; all signers may review this information in the Signer Portal.

My company has instructed me to pick up my badge, how do I do that?

-the Badging Office offers a badge pick up line for applicants that do not need to attend SIDA class. The hours are Monday through Friday 7:00am-2:30pm. It is first come/first serve, check in at the 3rd floor front desk.


Do I need to register for the SIDA class?

-No, it is first come/first serve. The learn center is located around the left corner of the front desk (3rd floor).  Take a seat and follow the instruction sheet provided at each workstation.  Visit for more information. You can not take SIDA training until you have cleared the background check process; contact the Primary Signer from your company if you are unsure. If you're upgrading your badge and need to attend SIDA class, you need to check in at the front desk (on 3rd floor) to submit your paperwork and take the class.

I don't have a SIDA badge, but am told I need to upgrade to SIDA; how do I do this?

-  Visit for more information. You will need a new badge application, completed with your Authorized Signer, along with two forms of ID and an appointment.  At your appointment you'll submit your new application and IDs to take the SIDA and MSP Nice training courses.  After successful completion you'll receive your new SIDA badge.

How do I make an appointment?

-visit for instructions.


How do I join the walk-in queue?

-visit for instructions.


I arrived late for my appointment, now what?

-if you are late for your appointment you may have the option to join the walk-in queue, if it is open. Otherwise, you will need to make a new appointment or join the walk-in queue another day. 


How do I cancel a future appointment?

-instructions are included in the confirmation text you received when the appointment was made. DO NOT DELETE THE TEXT. You will reply to the text message with a “C” to cancel the appointment.


How many days ahead can I renew my badge?

-you can renew your badge 30 days ahead of the expiration date.


What happens if I let my badge expire?

-if you let your badge expire, the expired badge must be returned within 10 days of expiration to avoid a $200 fine.  You can come in within 30 days of the expiration; you may need to be fingerprinted but should be able to walk away with a new badge.


Can I use copies of my ID’s to apply for a badge?

-no, only original documents are accepted. Click here for the list of acceptable ID's.

 -we are also unable to accept laminated IDs

I am a student living somewhere other than my permanent address for school. What address should I use on my badge application?

-you must use the address where you are currently residing even if it differs from your Drivers License or State ID. You will be asked to show a valid school ID. There is a check box in the Signer Section of the application to indicate that the applicant is a student. 


How long will it take for my clearance to come through?

-the time frame can vary based on each applicants situation but typically takes 3-7 business days (MAC observed holidays not included). Applicants born outside of the US may take longer.


 I have moved, what do I need to do?

-per MAC Ordinance No. 117, you must provide the Badging Office with your new address within 10 days of moving. You can email the new information to Please include your First and Last name, birthdate and badge number when emailing the Badging Office. 


 I have changed my name, what do I need to do?

-per MAC Ordinance No. 117, you must come to the Badging Office to update your badge within 10 days of the change. Two acceptable ID’s with the new name must be presented along with the Badging Application. We also recommend that the name change documents are submitted along with the two acceptable ID's. Examples include marriage/divorce documents and/or court documents. 


I need to get into an area that I do not have access to, how do I request access?

-the Badging Office does not approve, remove or add access. All requests need to be submitted to, using the Access Change form. Requesting access does not guarantee that it will be given. 


 Can I still come to work at the airport while I am waiting for my fingerprints to clear?

-no, you may not be escorted or obtain a concourse pass while you are in the badging process. You must wait until you obtain your badge. 


What forms of payment do you accept? 

- for those applicants that are required to pay for badging services, the Badging Office accepts checks and most major credit cards. We encourage companies to sign up for monthly billing.


I need a customs seal, how do I get one?

-the Badging Office does not process the paperwork for customs seals, you will need to get the appropriate paperwork from your employer and submit it to Customs. We will add the seal to your badge once you get the proper approval. You will need to bring a completed badge application and two forms of accecptable ID's. 


I need to return a badge but the Badging Office is closed, do I need to wait until it is open?

-no, there is a 24 hour drop box available outside of the Badging Office. Simply fill out the envelope provided at the box, swipe the badge on the reader and drop the badge in the box. Please use a separate envelope for each badge.


What should I do if my badge stops working after Badging Office Hours?

-if your badge breaks, or stops working after hours, go to the Police Department (POC) on the Baggage Claim level of Terminal 1, near carousel #3 to request the badge be reprinted. If your badge is damaged, you will need to pay the $30 replacement fee. 


What do I do if I forgot my badge at home?

-NO passes or escort privileges are extended to badge holders who forget their badge at home. You must go get your badge. 


I need to request or turn in keys, how do I do that?

-Keys are maintained by MAC Facilites. Click here for more information


If I already have a badge, but want to add a company or remove a company, what do I do?

-Any time you make a change to your badge, you need to come to the Badging Office with two valid forms of identification and a complete application for each company that you will be working for.