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Covered Employees

Airport employees who perform services that materially affect the traveling public utilizing the passenger terminals of the airport are covered by the minimum wage ordinance. Examples of the type of job classifications covered by the ordinance include: 

Passenger-Related Security Services

  • Catering Security
  • Escort 
  • Passenger Aircraft Security 
  • Terminal and Building Security  
  • Traffic Security 

Ramp and Aircraft Services 

  • Aircraft Equipment and Lavatory Services 
  • Aircraft Ground Movement Services 
  • Aircraft Maintenance, Fueling, Washing 
  • Baggage Handling 
  • Cabin Equipment Maintenance  
  • Deicing and Glycol Recovery Services  
  • Gateside Aircraft Maintenance  
  • Ground Service Equipment Maintenance 
  • Jet Bridge Maintenance
  • Load Control and Ramp Communication  
  • Passenger Aircraft Servicing
  • Provision of Water, HVAC and Power  
  • Ramp Area Cleaning
  • Wheelchair Repair 

In-Terminal and Passenger Handling Services  

  • Baggage Handling, Recovery and Delivery  
  • Baggage Porter Services
  • Customer Service  
  • Food preparation and packaging, inspection, delivery, cleaning, etc. for commercial aircraft operations
  • ID Checkers
  • In-Flight Catering Services
  • Passenger and Employee Shuttle Services
  • Queue Management
  • Registered Traveler Programs
  • Skycap 
  • Ticketing
  • Wheelchair Assistance  

Cleaning Services 

  • Aircraft Cabin Cleaning 
  • Aircraft Washing
  • Terminal and Hotel Building and Public Space Janitorial/Cleaning  

Concession Services

  • Airport Lounge Services 
  • Hotel 
  • In-Terminal Food Service – quick-serve, sit-down, bar, busing, cashier, catering, etc.  
  • In-Terminal Passenger Service – spa, banking, currency exchange, food delivery, medical services, luggage carts and lockers, shoeshine, etc. 
  • In-Terminal Retail Service – retail, news/gift, duty-free, etc. 
  • Rental Auto Service


Please note, employees of the U.S. Government, State of Minnesota, or any county or local government unit are not covered under this ordinance.