Employee Parking

Employee Parking

MSP Employee Parking Policy

The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) parking facilities accommodate both public and employee parking needs.  As we all serve the traveling public, we will attempt to provide them the most convenient parking in our facilities.

  • Those eligible for MSP employee parking:

    • Active employees of current MSP tenants working in Terminal 1 or Terminal 2

    • Active airline employees based somewhere other than MSP who reside in the region with a valid driver’s license issued by either: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota or North Dakota.

  • Your responsibilities:

    • Mount the ZipPass and registration decal according to the “ZipPass Information” brochure.

    • Pay activation and monthly fees as required. 

    • Use the ZipPass only by the registered parker.

    • Park only in assigned locations.

    • Vehicles may not park for more than ten consecutive days.

  • If you fail to fulfill your responsibilities:

    • Your ZipPass may be deactivated.

    • Parking in MSP facilities will be at public rates if your ZipPass is deactivated. 

    • Your vehicle may be towed at your expense.  Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas, parked unsafely or parked for more than ten consecutive days may be towed off-site to a facility where daily impound fees will be charged.


To print a copy of this information, please see the MSP Employee Parking Policy PDF

MSP Airport employees can contact their own “parking representative” if there are problems, concerns or questions.

MSP parking representatives can contact the Landside Front Office with their concerns or questions at 612-726-5578

Frequently Asked Questions

If your car is towed, contact Mark's Towing at 651-454-1533.

No. ZipPasses are issued to one person, and they are the only person authorized to use it.

Only if you are working an overnight shift.

Employee parking at Terminal 2 is in the Value Ramp on Levels 5-8.

No, unless you are traveling on business. Your ZipPass is only for use while you are at work.

Either return to pick it up or pay to park. No refunds are given for forgotten or missing ZipPasses.

Push the "call for assistance" button.

See your company parking representative. They will request a ZipPass for you and inform you of the regulations.

The MAC Landside Office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; it is closed on Tuesdays from 8 to 10 a.m.