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Authorized Signers

All companies operating at MSP are required to have two Authorized Signers in possession of an airport security badge. The individuals selected to serve in this role will be the point of contact for your company, serving as a liasion between the Airport Police Department, Badging Office and your organization. They will be responsible to follow TSA regulations and MAC Ordinances to avoid any penalties or fines. 

The selected Authorized Signers must complete and submit the MSP Authorized Signer Agreement in order to register for Signer Training. All Signers are required to be fingerprinted as well as attend Authorized Signer Training, SIDA Training and obtain an airport security badge before signing badge applications for other employees.

Some of the responsibilites for an Authorized Signer include: 

  • deactivating badges when appropriate to comply with TSA regulations and MAC Ordinances, avoiding penalties and fines.
  • collecting badges from former employees who are no longer working for your company, avoiding non-returned badge fees.
  • responding to badge audits, both comprehensive and random.
  • receive clearance notifications for employees who have applied for a security badge. 
  • maintaining employee records, updating employees addresses as needed. 

Click on the Authorized Signer Training Schedule link below for class choices. 

Additional information can be found in the Vendor/Contractor/Tenant section, New Company Section or Existing Company Section. 


2023 Authorized Signer Training Schedule


To register, email  OR call 612-877-6439 (press 3)

A confirmation with training day details will be sent to your e-mail address