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Building Permits

When an alteration or modification to a MAC owned project, a tenant designed or leased space or any non-MAC owned project is being considered within the MSP Airport campus, please contact the MAC Permits and Inspections Department as early as possible in the process. Staff there can assist you answering questions regarding the various codes and required permits as well as provide you with information that is in the MAC Design and Construction Standards.

The purpose of the MAC Design and Construction Standards is to communicate the Metropolitan Airports Commission’s procedures for design and construction, minimum material requirements and building systems. In most instances, a permit to do the work will be required to be issued to you from their department.

Please contact them at 612-467-0425 or 612-467-0426 and they would be happy to discuss with you your project and what rules and requirements must be followed on the campus. If it is determined that a permit is required, they can e-mail a permit to you electronically.”