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Employee Discounts and Specials

Most of MSP’s shops and restaurants offer an employee discount to badged MSP employees. Simply show your badge and ask!

Here are some extra deals that go above and beyond.....or take a look at this flyer.


Caribou Coffee

  • Concourses F & G, Airport Mall, T1 Arrivals, T2 Pre- and Post-Security
  • $7: Medium coffee and regular sized breakfast sandwich, parfait, or fruit cup (substitute gluten free or meatless breakfast sandwich for additional dollar)
Vino Volo
  • Concourse C
  • 20% flatbreads for employees
  • Terminal 2
  • $9: Any footlong sub
  • Concourse D
  • 20% off for employees on Fridays (10% on other days)
Leeann Chin
  • Concourse D
  • $10: Two-entrée plate and a fountain drink
Bruegger's Bagels
  • Concourse A
  • $10: Bagel sandwich, chips and coffee

Republic, LoLo, and Camden Food Co.

  • D, E, F
  • 20% off menu order of $10 or more (does not include premade, grab-and-go items)
CIBO, Crisp & Green, Custom Burger, Mimosa, Mill City, Poppy's, Shoyu, Tagliare, Vero, Volante
  • Concourse G
  • 20% discount applied to all orders