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Disqualifying Crimes

How to Challenge and How to Obtain Your FBI Identity and History Summary


49 CFR 1542.209 


List of Disqualifying Crimes

We are unable to fingerprint any applicant that has any items marked YES, they will be turned away. The above is page 3 of the Badge Application; if any of the items are checked YES on the application you are looking at or if there are questions please have your applicant follow these procedures:

If you have questions about whether or not the disqualifying crime is pending (unresolved) or has been adjudicated (resolved) you can check the status on this public court access site.

Collect any documentation (court paperwork, police reports, etc.) that reflects the end outcome commonly referred to as the “disposition” of your charge as you will need to provide it to the MSP Airport Police Department, Special Operations & Investigations Division. This is particularly important if the disqualifying crime did not occur in the state of Minnesota. 

After you have all the documentation needed, submit it to:

MSP Airport Police Department, Special Operations & Investigations Division