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Badge Deactivations and Returns

NOTIFY the Badging Office directly to report badge deactivations.

RETURN Badges to:

  • Mail:  Registered mail is preferable (mailing address is on the back of the badge) or use one of our self addressed, postage-paid envelopes. 
  • Badging Office:  Receipt provided if dropped off in person during business hours. Badges may also be dropped off in the NEW badge drop box located to the left of the reception desk, down the hallway of the main entrance of the Badging Office. There is a badge reader next to the drop box, please swipe returned badges before placing in the box. This swipe will create a record of the badge being returned. Click here for instructions.
  • TSA ADVISORY: Effective December 26, 2007, 49 USC 46301 (a) was amended by the addition of subparagraph (6): 49 USC 46301(a) (6):


    …”any employer …who does not collect or make reasonable efforts to collect such badge from the employee on the date that the employment of the employee is terminated and does not notiify the operator of the airport of such terminatiion within 24 hours of the date of such termination shall be liable to the Government for a civil penallty not to exceed $10,000.”


*Badges must be returned to the Badging Office within 10 days of deactivation or the company will be charged a $200 non-return badge fee. 



BADGE RECOVERY WORKSHEET - The purpose of this form is to document all badge recovery efforts of a of a terminated employee’s MSP Airport Security Badge. This worksheet should be completed for every employee termination whether voluntary or involuntary. All completed Badge Recovery Worksheets should be kept in a separate file indefinitely. The Airport Police Department or TSA may request to review them at any time.

BADGE RETURN RECEIPT - The purpose of this form is to provide the employee and company a receipt upon the return of a badge to a company representive. The top portion is for the employee, the middle portion is for the supervisor and the bottom portion is for the employee file. 

BADGE HOLDER AGREEMENT - The purpose of this form is to make the employee aware of his/her responsibility as a badge holder to return their MSP issued security badge. The completed form must me kept in the employee personnel file. 

CONTRACTORS: Failure to return a contractor badge to the Badging Office within 30 days of the badge expiration date will result in the assessment of a $200 fee which may be deducted, at MAC’s convenience, against the contractor deposit.

LOST BADGE: If a lost badge is recovered and returned within 30 days of badge expiration, a refund for the replacement fee minus $20 will be issued by mail.