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Badge Deactivations and Returns

NOTIFY the Badging Office directly to report badge deactivations.

RETURN Badges to:

  • Mail:  Registered mail is preferable (mailing address is on the back of the badge) or use one of our self addressed, postage-paid envelopes. 
  • Badging Office:  Receipt provided if dropped off in person during business hours. Badges may also be dropped off in the NEW badge drop box located to the left of the reception desk, down the hallway of the main entrance of the Badging Office. There is a badge reader next to the drop box, please swipe returned badges before placing in the box. This swipe will create a record of the badge being returned. Click here for instructions.

*Badges must be returned to the Badging Office within 10 days of deactivation or the company will be charged a $200 non-return badge fee. 

CONTRACTORS: Failure to return a contractor badge to the Badging Office within 30 days of the badge expiration date will result in the assessment of a $200 fee which may be deducted, at MAC’s convenience, against the contractor deposit.

LOST BADGE: If a lost badge is recovered and returned within 30 days of badge expiration, a refund for the replacement fee minus $20 will be issued by mail.