Employees chosen for 2024 Voices of MSP

Employees chosen for 2024 Voices of MSP

Two MAC employees are among a new roster of MSP voices sharing important public safety and travel announcements with travelers and visitors.

This year’s roster features MAC IT Director Lynda Bohlsen and Firefighter Jamel Anderson in addition to seven others chosen from more than 120 applicants in the annual Voices of MSP program. The program puts employees in front of the mic to deliver public address announcements that can be heard in MSP terminal lobbies and concourses, automated exits, airport trams, baggage carousels, moving walkways and parking ramps.

“Our airport employees are part of MSP’s success in our award-winning passenger experience and customer service efforts within our industry,” said Phil Burke, assistant director of customer experience for the MAC, in a press release this week. “The Voices of MSP is a one-of-a-kind program that celebrates the unique talents of our employees. Their voices help to strengthen our connection to the traveling public.”

The 2024 voices: 


  • Alyssa Mobley, Flight Attendant, Delta Air Lines
  • Chad Larimore, Station Manager, Southwest Airlines
  • Connie Lanphear, Gate Agent, Delta Air Lines
  • Daniel Sandberg, Flight Attendant, Frontier Airlines
  • Jamel Anderson, MSP Airport Firefighter, Metropolitan Airports Commission
  • Lynda Bohlsen, IT Director, Metropolitan Airports Commission
  • Madeline Greb, Crew Pay Analyst, Endeavor Air
  • Russell Andrews, Travel Assistance Volunteer, Airport Foundation MSP
  • Scott Francisco, Business Operations Manager, Clear Channel Airports 










This is the fourth year for the Voices of MSP program, which uses the MAC’s on-site audio studio to record the announcements.