Learn this hand signal to help prevent human trafficking

Learn this hand signal to help prevent human trafficking

As MSP Airport continues its efforts to raise awareness of any human trafficking activity, one helpful strategy that airport visitors can utilize involves watching for a hand signal from anyone traveling under duress.

The hand signal related to human trafficking starts with an open hand, held up with the thumb tucked in the palm, and the fingers then folded down over the thumb. Once the hand signal is seen by an individual, that person can alert police by texting or dialing 911. 

More than 40 organizations across Canada and the United States have recognized the hand signal as a useful tool against trafficking. 

Human trafficking involves someone being controlled by someone else to provide labor or sex for a third person’s benefit. Airports are known to be key transit hubs for such activity in the U.S. Victims often end up in places where they have no connections. 

The MSP Airport Police Department (APD) launched a multi-faceted awareness campaign late last year, aiming to help spot potential human trafficking and combat such activity. 

The APD and the airport community appreciate your assistance with this effort to ensure safe travel for all.