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World-renowned speaker "pours happiness" at MSP

Last month, MSP's Customer Service Action Council (CSAC) sponsored its second customer service forum this year, featuring world-renowned keynote speaker Ryan Estis.

Ryan was recently recognized as one of "the best keynote speakers seen or heard" by Meetings & Conventions magazine alongside Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, Colin Powell and Mike Ditka. During his presentation, he talked about how great organizations cultivate the kind of workplace where people come first and human potential is maximized. Ryan emphasized how employees can provide exceptional customer service by deciding to show up to work as "the best version of yourself" every day.

Ryan also shared an experience he had with a Starbucks employee at Terminal 1-Lindbergh that he has affectionately titled, "Pouring Happiness." His experience and other customer service insights presented at the June forum can be viewed in this video.

Find more insights and tips from Ryan by visiting his website at or on YouTube at the links listed below, and stay tuned for more information on the next CSAC Customer Service Forum.    

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