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2nd Skyway Opening at Terminal 2

The Orange Ramp Skyway is the second of two skyways transporting pedestrians from the parking ramps to the terminal at the T2 campus. The terminal expansion portion of this project completes the final connection between the skyway and the existing T2 ticketing lobby. 

The Orange Ramp Skyway provides an elevated, temperature-regulated connection between the Orange Ramp enclosed walkway and the Terminal similar to the skyway connection between the Purple Ramp and the Terminal.

This new connection also provides an enclosed route to the Light Rail Transit (LRT) Station with destinations to the Mall of  America, Terminal 1, Downtown Minneapolis, and stops in between. 

Construction of the Orange Ramp Skyway and Terminal expansion was completed in less then a year.  During that time, approximately 1154 linear feet of moving walk, two elevators, and an escalator bank were installed.  The building foot print for the two level terminal expansion equals 16,780 square feet with 6,275 square feet in Skyway and pedestrian circulation.