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Badge Application Requirements

Badge Applications are taken in the Badging Office and are done by appointment or on a walk-in basis. Appointments take priority, walk-in's are helped as time permits. We strongly suggest scheduling an appointment for services. Click the "JOIN THE QUEUE" button below to schedule. 

Badge Application Hours
•Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m., Wednesdays 6:00a.m. to 3:00p.m.


Join the Badging Queue OR Schedule an Appointment
If you're ready to apply for a badge, you don't need to hang around the badging lobby waiting for your number to be called. Now you can join the badging queue from anywhere by texting mspbadging* to 612-294-7739** or by clicking on the button below. Shortly before it’s your turn to be served, you will be sent a text alert to your mobile phone. Make sure to use a phone that you will keep with you because you will be texted when it's your turn. You can also join the queue at the badging office by using the kiosk in the badging office lobby (west side waiting area). 



Join the queue           
Badge Application Checklist

The applicant must bring in two government-issued forms of identification and needs to have completed the online badging application which has been sent to them by their employer, and signed off by the company-authorized signer.

Present two original forms of government-issued identification:
The identification must reflect your current, legal name. Both forms of identification must match and must be spelled correctly. If using a driver's license or state ID, the address presented on the identification must reflect where the applicant is currently residing.  For more information on acceptable identification, please click on the link below.
If the applicant was born outside of the US and was at any time issued an A#, presenting that number when applying for a badge will expedite the background check process.
Disqualifying Crimes
Click on this link, to view this information as a PDF:
Most people clear the fingerprint/background check process in 3-5 business days, though some people may take several weeks. You will be notified by your employer when your background check has cleared.  After your employer notifies you of your clearance, and you've received a clearance letter from CBP if you're obtaining a Customs Seal, you may proceed to the Badging Office to take SIDA training and/or pick up your new badge.  
Required SIDA Training and Assessment
If you are receiving an AOA-SIDA or SIDA badge, you are required to bring one Government issued photo ID to check in for SIDA Training.  The Learn Center is located on Level 3, at the Badging Office.  Employees should report directly to Level 3 Learn Center which is around the corner to the left of the front desk.  Follow the turquoise colored triangles in the carpet to SIDA Class.  Class is approximately 1 hour in length.  Immediately following SIDA training, applicants will be required to take a class assessment.  Successful completion of this assessment is required before you will be issued a badge.  Once you have successfully completed both courses, check in at the front desk to have your badge printed.
*Message and data rates may apply. The call or text may not be from a local area code. 
**The queue number is for texting only; it does not accept direct calls.