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MAC board votes to restructure committees

The MAC board at its Feb. 19 committee meeting voted unanimously to change its bylaws, reducing the number of standing committees from three to two. The change is designed to improve efficiency, foster more strategic discussions and provide opportunities for each of the board’s 15 commissioners to engage on a broader range of matters at the committee level.

The Finance and Administration (F&A) and Management and Operations (M&O) committees have been combined to form a single new committee: Operations, Finance and Administration (OF&A). Topics previously reviewed by F&A as well as the bulk of the matters previously heard by M&O will move to this new, consolidated committee.

Exceptions are legislative and information technology issues, which will now be heard in the board’s other, pre-existing committee: Planning Development and Environment (PD&E). Transferring those topics to PD&E provides better workload balance between the two committee. It also reflects the broader definition of “planning” as it pertains to the committee. Historically, the committee’s primary planning focus was on long term airport planning. More recently, the planning focus has expanded to include other topics, including strategic and sustainability planning, and planning related to marketing, corporate communications, air service development, and engagement.

The change is effective March 1, 2019. Under the MAC’s bylaws, the MAC’s chairman will assign commissioners to the two committees.