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Hats off to one of MSP’s most seasoned and steadfast volunteers

For the past 13 years, Jerry Cassidy has been a steadying presence at MSP Airport's Information Booth at Terminal 2. Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) staff and the Airport Foundation MSP held a birthday celebration with cupcakes and cookies to say thank you to the foundation's oldest Traveler's Assistance volunteer, who just turned 94 on Sunday (April 3).

"Jerry is part of our 'Terminal 2 family' and is a reliable and reassuring presence for travelers – always there to help," said Dan Foster, assistant director of Airport Operations and Facilities at Terminal 2 for the MAC. "He's a pleasure to talk to and willing to share his ideas on what we can do better."

Jerry has logged more than 3,500 volunteer hours at Terminal 2 and typically comes twice a week.

"Volunteering keeps me on my feet and when I get home at night, I know it's been a good day," said Jerry. "Whenever people leave the information desk, they are thankful for the help and there is a great amount of satisfaction in that."

Jerry retired 30 years ago as director of sales for a company that worked with farmers and brands like Sunkist Orange Juice and Welch's Grape Juice. He traveled extensively and loves the hustle and bustle of airports. At the same time, he understands travel creates a lot of stress – a fact emphasized during his first day of training to become a Traveler's Assistance volunteer.

"Everyone who's traveling has a higher level of anxiety than the rest of us," said Jerry. "You can just see it by the look on their faces that they're confused."

That's why he takes the time to listen carefully to travelers' questions and responds in a deep baritone that instills confidence.

"He's got great pipes," said John Hewitt, Traveler's Assistance supervisor, who had hoped Jerry would audition to become one of the Voices of MSP.

Jerry, whose wife died three years ago and now lives alone in Burnsville just 12 minutes from MSP, said he intends to continue volunteering as long as he's able.

"They're just a fantastic group of people working at the airport – they go the extra mile," he said. "It really is a great group of volunteers."

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