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Badging Office moves two floors down June 21

The MSP Airport Badging Office is moving to its new home – two floors below its current location – on Tuesday, June 21.

The new facility is on the third floor of the building between the Blue and Red ramps, a spot formerly occupied by the rental car customer service counters. If you ever visited the old rental car center, you won't recognize the redesigned space when it opens on the 21st.

"We're excited to be in a larger, modern facility with natural light and better amenities for our clients," said Anne Thurston, the Badging Office manager. "Employees visiting the third floor for a badging appointment will notice the improvements immediately."

Elevators or escalators will take you to the third floor. The main waiting area for employees has:

  • Seating for 57, up from 29 currently
  • Numerous charging ports for phones and other electronic devices alongside the seats, and bathrooms are steps away
  • Two digital screens displaying the names of employees in the badging queue
  • Vending machines are also available
The new third-floor Badging Office is also fully accessible to those with disabilities, and new LED fixtures provide improved lighting.

The Process
After checking in at the secure front counter, employees are directed to their left and through a door for access to the badging stations, in a spacious room with high windows and sunlight (pictured above). "There are 12 stations, which won't all be in use, though it gives us room to grow," Thurston said. Adjustable computer stands at the badging stations allow staff to sit or stand. The new location also includes larger office space and break room facilities for staff.

Staff Moves
The Aviation Security Division staff that currently works in Police Administration on the 3rd Level Mezzanine above Dunkin' (donuts) will also be relocating to the new space. "Having the entire group in one place will make for a much more cohesive process," said Melyssa Meuli, the Regulatory Compliance administrator.

Training Room
For new airport employees taking their SIDA and MSP Nice courses, the new training room is on the third floor and more spacious. Employees are directed to go straight into the room and find login directions at each computer station to start their training.

The training room on the fourth floor has been remodeled and will continue to be used for Authorized Signer and cart driver training courses.