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APD provides light rail safety update for MSP employees and tenants

The Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) and Airport Police Department (APD) have received several comments from the MSP airport community in recent months regarding safety concerns on light rail transit (LRT). The MAC takes these ongoing concerns very seriously, and the safety of all airport employees and travelers is a top priority for the MAC.

While Metro Transit has jurisdiction and responsibility for LRT operations and safety, MAC leaders are assessing what can be done in partnership with Metro Transit to improve safety for airport employees and the traveling public.

In March, the APD provided an update on LRT safety at several forums across the MSP community: the T2 Users Group, Customer Service Action Council (CSAC), Tenant Meeting and T1 Efficiency Meeting. APD Deputy Chief Craig Olson and Lieutenant John Christenson discussed Metro Transit's increased police presence on light rail, which began Feb. 13 and is supported by the APD. Two officers are currently patrolling the platforms and trains between Terminals 1 and 2 during LRT operating hours.

The presentations also highlighted the importance of immediately reporting any safety concerns by calling or texting 911. The APD will respond in minutes to investigate or resolve a situation. New signage was installed this week on the platforms and near LRT entrances to share this message.

View the presentation slides.

The APD can also provide an escort throughout MSP grounds. To request an escort, call 911.