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You'll feel better after you pull a plane

Sometimes you catch a plane; other times you pull one.


On Saturday Sept. 9, you and up-to-seven of your friends can form a team and enter the Special Olympics Plane Pull, a fundraiser held at MSP Airport. You’ll pull a 23-ton plane down the tarmac a short distance, in a friendly competition against other teams and a stopwatch.


We’re approaching crunch time for this fundraiser, which is hosted by the Airport Police Department. Visit the Special Olympics Minnesota Plane Pull website and get your team together soon!


The pulling is scheduled so that your time at the airport amounts to an hour or a bit longer. You’ll feel energized the entire time at this big event, with a DJ providing entertainment, spectators cheering you on and camaraderie with fellow competitors.


Also, we’re still looking for volunteers to help host this event. If you’re interested please contact for more information.